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Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game - Battle Companies

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I'm looking to formalise the Club's Battle Companies' games so we can see each players progress and Company rating, as well as maybe running through the campaign in the Battle Companies rulebook. Currently, we have the following players interested in taking part.
Richard B - Gondor.
Adam - Fiefdoms.
Barry - Mirkwood.
Richard Y - Mordor.
Andy - Harad.

What do you think?

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Is anyone interested?

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Excellent- we could do with another evil player anyone interested? Happy to lend some figures if anyone wants to try some out.

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well at the mo i have Dol Amroth company ready, but can do a easterlings company too i think so which ever is needed. Smile

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Good game of Battle Companies today with Adam - shame about the Blackfoot Vale archer who decided to hurl himself from a building! bounce

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he is still practicing his duck and cover manouvers Razz

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